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And the Impact Giveaway in our time

It can’t be expressed better! 

When the first covid-19 case was reported in our country, the shock that befell me was immense. It’s still fresh in my mind, how the second suspected case struck at my workplace then. I steered in disbelief, as the middle-aged man was being locked in a cuboid sized room with zero access from anyone. This culminated into a sharp turn-around in me with the associated stigma altering every aspect of my life. My young daughter was barely four months while the elder son was then five years. This therefore, meant that none of them was cognizant of the ordeal, and their optimal expectation was pure attention from their mom and Dad. Then came stiffer restrictions that curtailed the level of movement from one place to another. What followed was a worry-sum turn of events.

 My Wife, an ardent business lady, suffered a white blow as customers who originally emanated from other parts of the country were now a no show. Our Source of income reduced drastically!

Friends, it’s so classified that our actions demonstrate the genuineness of our faith. Significantly, those actions can influence the faith-choices we make. I’m a firm believer that in every tough situation, God leadeth his people into safer havens. For a consecutive two-year period now, Impact Space community has become our greatest friend. The Impact give away moment, for example, wasn’t just about winning but also a moment of cleansing our mind from the backlog of devastating times. Faithflow is now part of our curriculum.

The other reason for participating in Impact Giveaway was to help my wife to convert her e-business to a permanent based business location and when our community manager Mr Saviour declared me as the first runner up, it was a dream come true. 

“Hello family, our first runner up has demonstrated exceptional confidence in his idea to establish and grow his Feijoc Business enterprise with lots of supporting data……..we are thrilled to announce @justo as 1st runner up of Faithlows 2021 Impact Giveaway with a cash sum of $200. Congratulations”.

This was unbelievable! The dream was becoming real. Even though I wasn’t the overall winner, this was a big milestone towards re-establishing our business. 

Yes, there have been numerous challenges in our country, especially where people rent business stalls only to close them later due to losses incurred as a result of tougher covid-19 restrictions. We shall overcome. The Impact giveaway cash has helped us to the stock and we are now able to meet our customers’ demand.

 We have all types of bags(ladies), School bags and towels which we deliver on order.

Special thanks to Director Renee Nyarko who has been a great inspiration in this journey.

God bless Impact Space!

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