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EmpowerED: Unleash Your Potential, Change the World

EmpowerED, the flagship program of Impact Space, is designed to engage, educate, empower, equip, and elevate young people in underserved areas. Through a blend of online education, hands-on workshops, and community engagement, EmpowerED is committed to transforming lives and enabling young individuals to drive sustainable development in their communities.


At Impact Space, we leverage social and mobile technologies to connect with disengaged youths, providing a platform where they can interact, learn, and grow.


Education at Impact Space takes a multi-faceted approach. We offer free access to an e-learning platform, hands-on training workshops, podcasts and more.


We empower youth through comprehensive support mechanisms including counseling, access to uplifting content, social engagement programs, and mini-grants for entrepreneurial ventures.

Equip to Elevate

From community care drives to targeted aid programs, these efforts provide youth with life-changing experiences that not only aid others but also inspire a lifelong commitment to making a difference.

Impact Space 2030 Goal

1 Million Young People EmpowerEd

By 2030, Impact Space aims to empower 1 million young people via our EmpowerEd train-the-trainer programs and establishment of leadership & innovation school clubs, creating exponential impact as each participant actively uplifts their community.

EmpowerEd initiative represents a comprehensive approach encompassing a variety of programs.

Through these interconnected programs, we address diverse needs and foster a sustainable impact on individuals and their communities. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse array of sub-programs that make up our holistic EmpowerEd initiative:

Impact My Community

Over 30 community care drives executed. Cultivating leadership and empathy in young people as they take on projects to help the most vulnerable in their communities.


Thrive initiatives focus on well-being through support groups and fitness programs, enhancing both mental and physical health. With dedicated subsection for girl-women empowerment.


The Rural Africa Youth Solar Empowerment program is a combination of online training and hands-on group training on solar technology, with free installations for community organization, such as orphanages and more.

I Am AI Ready

Preparing for a future shaped by artificial intelligence, this upcoming program will equip our youth with the skills to navigate and succeed in a technologically advanced landscape.

"EmpowerED helped me transform my community through education and leadership. I now run a small business that employs local youths.”

Frema Boateng
Volunteer, Ghana

“Thanks to the Thrive program, I've overcome personal challenges and am now a community advocate for mental health.”

Linda Ekpo
Youth Beneficiary -Nigeria
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