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Welcome to Impact Space:

Where Compassion Meets Action


Empowering Young Leaders to Make a Difference Now — That’s Impact Space.

Young people have the power to shape a brighter future. Since 2020, we’ve impacted thousands of lives across Africa and beyond, nurturing essential skills in leadership, resilience, and empathy. Join us in changing the world today.

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Vulnerable Individuals in underserved communities supported

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Youth report positive change in life and career

Explore Impact Initiatives

Our purpose-driven programs are designed to make a real difference.

Capacity building with comprehensive  training, from e-learning, webinars, and group studies to hands-on training workshops and podcasts — for real world readiness.

Impact My Community

Over 30 community care drives executed. Cultivating leadership and empathy in young people as they take on projects to help the most vulnerable in their communities.


Thrive initiatives focus on well-being through support groups and fitness programs, enhancing both mental and physical health. With dedicated subsection for girl-women empowerment.


The Rural Africa Youth Solar Empowerment program trains the youth to innovate and create self-sustaining communities from solar-powered farming to solar-powered transportation.

I Am AI Ready

Preparing for a future shaped by artificial intelligence, this upcoming program will equip our youth with the skills to navigate and succeed in a technologically advanced landscape.


Impact Stories


“Volunteering with Impact Space has been a transformative journey, especially engaging in the care drives and participating in their enriching courses. Significantly, the sense of purpose and collective impact have created a fulfilling experience, fostering my personal growth and a strong community bond.”
Amara Alpha Vandi
Team Leader, Sierra Leone
"You really stirred me up, Impact Space!" As you have brought joy to these children, so shall the Lord God bring joy to you; the children and I do not want you to leave. Inform everyone that you are a proud supporter of the PETER W. SAYKLON ORPHANAGE HOME in Liberia ”
Mrs. Martha Sayklon
Orphanage Patron, Liberia
“The Mental Health segment of Thrive Support for me was a game changer. I learnt that depression is real and dangerous to my mental health. it's my responsibility to snap out of it deliberately by focusing on more positive and productive vibes around me”
Sylvia Efa
Volunteer, Cross river, Nigeria
“My relationship with the world, other people, and myself has all been altered positively as a result of volunteering in Impact Space. Inc. Inspiring young people, assisting the less privilege, giving to the needy, solving problems and putting smiles on the faces of hundreds of children, has given me a deep sense of fulfilment in life. I love Impact Space.”
Samuel Waswa
Team leader, Nairobi Kenya
“A big thank you to Impact Space for educating me about reproductive health, the right to education, and available opportunities. Such topics as menstruation and menstrual hygiene were quite impactful. Thank you for Kotex hygiene products. God bless Impact Space.”
Ojini, Augusta Chidinma

Our Appreciation to  Supporters & Partners

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impact Space About?

Impact Space Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2020, committed to addressing poverty and driving sustainable development in underserved communities. Our approach includes educational initiatives, community care drives, mental well-being support, and empowerment programs for women and girls. We use technology and innovation to equip young people with the skills and resilience needed to create positive change in their communities

Are Donations Tax-Deductible?

Yes, financial donations made to Impact Space are tax-deductible. Donors receive a receipt after making a donation for tax-purposes.

EIN: 85-1082823

Where Does Impact Space Operate?

Impact Space is headquartered in the United States where Executives and Board Members work virtually with Local Staff and Volunteers in various Africa nations to facilitate field operations and offer support and counseling to members in the region. Currently, Impact Space has active field operations in  Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zimbabwe with more to be announced soon.

How Can I Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Impact Space volunteer. Visit the  Volunteer page for non-field related volunteering, or Visit our Impact Community to join our field volunteers.


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Partner with Impact Space for meaningful change. Explore our sponsorship opportunities to align your brand with community upliftment, youth empowerment, and poverty eradication initiatives.  Sponsor a drive today and make a lasting impact with us!
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