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In Memory of Emmanuel Peter: Impact Space Inc. to Offer Safety Training and Support to Orphanages

In Memory of Emmanuel Peter: Impact Space Inc. to Offer Safety Training and Support to Orphanages

The tragic loss of a young life underscores the importance of safety measures in care institutions.

Impact Space Inc., an international non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young individuals, mourns the sudden loss of 13-year-old Emmanuel Peter from Talitha Cumi Orphanage Home in Abuja. Emmanuel tragically lost his life in an accident, falling into a ditch during his assigned chores.

Emmanuel Oguche and Juliet Capel, Impact Space’ team leads in Abuja, along with Ernest Azu, Acting Africa Regional Director, have reached out personally to the orphanage’s Patron to extend their condolences and offer support.

In the spirit of the International Day of the African Child, Impact Space teams in Nigeria’s Cross River state and six other African countries will proceed with their scheduled training sessions. The Abuja team will offer comfort, grief counseling, prayer vigil to the other children. Today’s event was meant to be a celebration and a step towards a brighter future for many children. Despite the sorrow, Impact Space remains committed to this mission.

As part of our response, Impact Space will augment our support programs to include enhanced safety training and grief counseling services for orphanage homes across the regions we serve. We aim to ensure that such tragedies are prevented in the future and those affected by loss have the necessary support during their healing process.

In honor of Emmanuel, we invite the global community to rally around his peers at the Talitha Cumi Orphanage Home. Donations will support grief counseling, safety training, and provide much-needed resources for the children at this difficult time.

“We mourn the loss of young Emmanuel. His spirit and resilience had a profound impact on us all. This tragedy underscores the urgent need for safety awareness and measures in orphanages,” said Irene Nyarko, Founder of Impact Space Inc. “Emmanuel’s loss is deeply felt, especially on a day like today, when we strive to uplift and empower young individuals like him.”

To contribute towards supporting the children of Talitha Cumi Orphanage Home, please visit our donations page https://theimpactspace.org/donations/safety-training-donation/.

Let’s remember Emmanuel as we mark the International Day of the African Child. His spirit will inspire us to work even harder to ensure the safety and well-being of every child we serve.

Caption: Remembering Emmanuel: A beacon of resilience and courage, gone too soon

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