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Impact Space Impact – Sarah’s Story

Impact Space Impact – Sarah’s Story

Impact Space has made great impact in my life, spiritual and otherwise. Ever since I joined in September 2020 it has been beautiful in every aspect. Growing up as a kid I had always looked forward in achieving my dreams through selfless service and Impact Space made that dream come through by allowing members participate in humanitarian service. Impact Space so far has helped in broadening my perspective of life, and also helped me to develop learner ship skills because as part of a team, you will not only gain leadership skills but also take charge of your professional development.

Cultural understanding is also an important aspect Impact Space has shaped in my life, with Impact Space Care drives and outreaches, I learned and experience working with people of different cultures, which increased my ability to adapt to different behavioral expectations, of which this impact has enabled me to handle sensitive situations in other aspects of life. Impact Space has made me to understand that significant contributions towards a better tomorrow and self motivation to do more, is what makes life meaningful. Thank you Impact Space Am Grateful…??

Name: Sarah Bassey

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