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Impact Space Impact – Ernest Azu

Impact Space can simply be described as a God sent organization!

I joined Impact Space during the hit of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, where people especially in Africa ( especially in Nigeria where I live) where panicking and in dire need of their daily survival because of the incessant lockdown.

Impact Space was able to put together the Care Drive for Africa that impacted on Communities and institutions in about 3 African countries directly which I was part of. Seeing those smiles on the faces of the kids in the orphanage, the relief on the expression of the caregivers, a big sense of fulfilment hit me. It’s an experience I won’t forget in a hurry. It has also changed my orientation in helping the underprivileged, Since then I have been showing this same love and care the children and young people I come across.

Secondly, I always had the passion for Community Development and Impact, so the vision of Impact Space became in sync with my interest. Following the planning process of our activities and Projects in Impact Space, I have learnt a lot especially how to access Communities, Public Relations skills, and more so how to appreciate the team of volunteers that work to make things happen, which is a rare virtue in most African NGOs. This made Impact Space very outstanding to me. The level of integrity and transparency in choosing leaders, employees, winners of projects in Impact Space is very uncommon. It has made me to trust every system and program that Impact Space brings to the fore. This has sharpened my drive for integrity, merit, excellence and goodwill.

Lastly, the seamless achievement in breaking new frontiers and territories beyond the Atlantic by Impact Space is a major inspiration to me. Only few faith based organizations have attained such enviable heights within months of establishment. I commend Impact Space for this major feat and look forward to Conquering more continents like Asia, Middle East for Christ. In summary, beyond to the gifts, cash, and many other rewards Impact Space keep giving out to her staff and volunteers to enjoy, Impact Space is a major force, an inspiration and a motivator for my personal dreams and aspirations- These cannot be quantified by material gifts. Thank you Impact Space Long live Impact Space!

Name: Ernest Azu
Impact Space: @kingdomite
Submitted Date: 12/28/2020 17:32:00

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  1. Great news and a living testimony: Praise be to our God and thankful to our Impact Space indeed!

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