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Impact Space Impact – Clara Bassey

5 Ways Impact Space Impacted My Life

1. Through the first Cash Giveaway: During that period, I didn’t really know what the site or organization was all about but I had joined earlier because I wanted to connect with other believers around the world. To the glory of God I was among the winners and was given cash. The money was able to cater for some of my urgent needs.

2. Through the Courses Offered: I have gained knowledge by joining Impact Space. Like we all know knowledge is power, I did some courses, learnt new things and value was added to me.

3. Through Community posts from other members: Anytime I sign in to theimpactspace.org I get inspired by post from different members, this has helped me in enlarging my capacity to believe and trust God the more.

4. Through Missions: I had a passion to serve under such capacity but didn’t have the opportunity until I joined Impact Space. for me missions is more than just giving out gift items and cash, it’s a ministry and anytime I do it under the umbrella of Impact Space and see the smiles on the faces of beneficiaries , this makes me fulfilled. Also Impact Space has been a blessing to Orphanage in my community during the COVID-19 pandemic period, Impact Space had to step in for them when other people couldn’t due to recession. It was really awesome.

5. Through empowerment of Chapter Leaders for effort: through this appreciation given we been able to do little business to multiply our income. I am really grateful to God Almighty for bringing Impact Space my way. Thank you Impact Space Long live Impact Space

Name: Clara Bassey

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