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Grand Prize Winner: Nnanke Ofem

3 months after the Impact Space Impact Giveaway, winners have taken major steps towards accomplishing their submitted business plan and we are very excited to let you in on their journeys.

Nnanke’s Report

3 months after Nnanke’s emergence as the grand winner of 2021 Impact Space’ Impact Giveaway she established her bakery and purchased baking equipment which include:

  • Electric/Gas double padded oven.
  • 5Litters Eurosonic mixer
  • A set of Meatpie cutter,
  • 3different sets/shapes of galvanized Cake pans,
  •  2 Aluminum pie trays,
  • Hose
  • 12kg gas Cylinder respectively.

She stated in a report submitted:

These equipment have really helped my catering business and have most importantly reduced my labour hours.

With this great benevolence bestowed on me by Impact Space, I still haven’t forgotten  my promises which were free cakes during Nigeria care drives and touching live( free training) Courtesy of Impact Space.

Honestly, with Impact Space, I’m doing well!

God bless Impact Space and Long live Impact Space as well??

Justus’ Report

Justus and Faith are on their way to fulfilling their dream of setting up a hand bags and accessories shop, Feijoc Enterprises, with the procurement of inventory and a set up of an online site. They are still working on marketing the business and are excited to do more


Mariatu’s Report

Mariatu Gbassey is now the proud CEO of Shecures Sanitary Products, a social enterprise registered in Sierra Leone with a part of the winnings. Additionally, the company produced 6 nine-pack reusable sanitary towels for 6 young girls towards ending period poverty which contributes to gender inequality.


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