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Building a Start-up in Africa’s Volatile Environment- Impact Space Impact Africa

With many startups saturating the African market, there are seeming fears over how far these businesses will go.

In our 12th episode of Impact Africa Podcast, Blessing Abeng, Co-Director of Startup Grind, & Director of communications at Ingressive For Good, speaks on how to build and grow a successful startup in Africa’s volatile Environment.



Blessing says, ‘’I use branding and communications to help creators identify their value, identity and unique point of view. I help people build brands they love and tell better stories to help them communicate better with their team, target audience, partners and investors.

Blessing Abeng is Lagos Co-Director of Startup Grind, a global organization that connects, educates, and inspires entrepreneurs. 

She is the founder and CMO of a tech company and the Director of communications at Ingressive For Good, a non-profit company passionate about helping African Youths increase their earning power.

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