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Building Wealth: Trading in Cryptocurrency – Impact Space Impact Africa

The adoption of cryptocurrency can set Africans, especially young people, on the path of financial independence. However, this requires understanding the concept around cryptocurrency, the strategies involved, risks, benefits and much more. On this episode of Impact Space Impact Africa Podcast, the Bitcoin Chief, Gaius Chibueze Ekuri shares great insight on how to build wealth in the cryptocurrency market.

Gaius Chibueze , CEO of ABIT Network, The Bitcoin Chief
Gaius Chibueze Ekuri is a Cryptocurrency subject matter expert ranked among the top 30 cryptocurrency traders by Binance in 2019. He spoke at Harvard university about the potential of cryptocurrency in Africa in 2020. Known as the bitcoin chief, he is Nigeria’s pioneer investor in Bitcoin and also the brain behind ABiTmobile App limited, A global tech company, as well as a best selling author of 4 books on cryptocurrency.

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