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Time is ripe for Africa to re-set the Youth-Policy Button toward sustainable growth

As the fastest growing segment of the world population, Africa’s youth is a force for positive change and can change the world for the better. They are the next generation of problem solvers with the potential to build and invent new technologies that can transform the continent, and bring back dignity in social life.

However, a large section of the youth  are already feeling the economic heat of poverty and hunger. It’s undoubtedly time to shift the goal towards providing sustainable solutions. Giving youth the ability to succeed in the real-world by equipping them with the necessary skills and techniques to succeed in a specific industry as entrepreneurs.

Such includes:

  • How to research and find a need to fulfill in a business that aligns with their passion.
  • Business plan creation, 
  • Capital  acquisition, 
  • Product development, 
  • Testing of concepts, and marketing. 

This is not a mere class-work concept. The discussion shouldn’t be about how marvelous it is to keep chicken, but how to turn a profit as a poultry farmer. In the recent past, much effort has been laid on professional qualifications, hence neglecting training that many young people need to be absorbed in the job market. Young entrepreneurs are calling for support to create their  business opportunities, and decent education to improve their chances of expanding. No modern economy can thrive without a skilled workforce. There is a need to tilt the steering towards vocational training, because the continued mismatch is the major contributor to youth unemployment.

These are the most immediate priorities and will play a pivotal role in fighting poverty and promoting the growth and development of young people. It is in the hands of young people that future prosperity and stability lie. Success lies in the unity of purpose, ideas, and objectives.


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