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Impact Space Platform Launch

Coastal Hwy, Lewes (January 1st, 2020) – The Impact Space team is exceptionally excited to announce the launch of www.theimpactspace.org- an innovative social learning and networking platform for christian professionals, organizations and churches.

It has 4 fundamentally unique learning functions:

1. Learn from a variety of experienced instructors and organizations worldwide
2. Easy access to learning materials anywhere at anytime on mobile devices
3. Social learning with a global community of avid like-minded people.

Our social networking features create a worry free, uplifting, and encouraging networking environment to enhance the lives of all.

“theimpactspace.org is a new social media platform with a focus on learning and advancement. At Impact Space, we strongly believe in leveraging on technology and innovation in improving the lives of young people and anyone who is poised to enhance their lives through education and empowerment,” says Irene Nyarko, the founder of Impact Space.

“We believe that no one should miss out on church activities and educational opportunities because they can’t be present and with the launch of our platform, we envision an inclusive community with the power to transform lives and empower the next generation of leaders,” she further said.

theimpactspace.org isn’t a new entrant in the world of technology. The company was first launched in 2007 and already has a foothold in the market which would be jumped on to strengthen the platform and offer its users a savvy and affordable way to stay in tune with their daily lives and develop potentials to thrive as a young person.

Impact Space is compatible with all mobile devices and will soon be available for app download via Google play store and ios.

About us:
Impact Space is a social learning and networking site for young people and individuals seeking to enhance their career lives through free online courses by renowned trainers. Impact Space has a distinct social networking feature that keeps users safe from the influence of materialistic social media pressures and help them to connect to the world in a neighborly way.

Our Story
Founded in 2007 to help churches and individuals to innovate in a digital era, the Impact Space team has brought the church engagement & learning activities into the new social, mobile, analytic and cloud (SMAC) era with our new omnichannel social learning & collaboration platform.

Why Impact Space?
In an age where individuals appear much “too busy” and teaching activity engagement is declining, our platform takes the meeting, learning, growing everywhere. Young people can learn at their own pace online via our mobile platform and connect with the world via our neighborly pressure-free social networking feature.

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