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Impact Africa Podcast Episode #4

The use of the space technology is touted to hold great advantages for Africa. In this episode of Impact Africa podcast, Ruvimbo Samanga shares how space technology will help Africa achieve the future it hopes for.


Ruvimbo Samanga is a space Law & Policy Analyst | Research Fellow at Open Lunar Foundation | Ban Ki-Moon Global Citizen Scholar | Top 10 Under 30 African Space Industry | Top Talents Under 25 in the World.

 Ruvimbo is establishing her social enterprise, a space startup called AgriSpace, which uses satellite data to assist food production and agricultural yields.

 Ms. Samanga has worked in a start-up, the Angolan-based Humbitec, which likewise leverages satellite data in various domains such as disease mapping, agriculture, mineral mapping and a host of others.

She  became a member and National Point of Contact for Zimbabwe in the UN Space Generation Advisory Council while completing  Master’s in International Trade & Investment Law at the Centre for Human Rights at UP Law. Through this programme she engaged in various capacity building projects in my country and Africa, including leading the space comic book micro project which will help build space education capacity in the region. I am also working on a comic book intended for a Zimbabwean audience.

Most exciting to date would probably be her role in the development of the HumbiSat 1st Pan-African satellite initiative, which is an entirely youth-led initiative premised on building educational and technological capacity in space for all Africa citizens, especially the youth, through the development of a satellite and the promotion of space science and technology education.

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